Can Your Vacuum Pumped Cock Do This?

I've seen cock pumpers do some crazy things. But I truly have to tip my hat to RodneyX, St. Paul, MN. His vacuum pumped cock is so large that he's able to stuff three fingers in it!

"Penis pumping's given me the confidence to do things I never thought possible," Rodney says. "I never envisioned having the largest genitals in my city. It's made me a local underground hero."

Rodney says he came to cock pumping because erectile dysfunction runs in his family. He heard he could overcome this woe if he started pumping on a regular basis. 

"My dad couldn't get it up," he said. "I remember him and my mom fighting in the bedroom. She'd want a good shag and he just wasn't man enough to give it to her. I'll never forget the look on his face at the breakfast table. He was totally depressed.

"I swore that would never be me. I researched everything. I tried cock rings, penis extenders, penis pills. I even considered penile surgery. Then a bud suggested I use a pump. 

"He said that since using the pump his penis erections were rock hard. To prove it, he whipped out a micro digital recorder. He played a session of him giving it to his girlfriend. She was whimpering like a stuck pig. You could tell she was loving it." 

Rodney's quest for penis enlargement led him a glass tube enlargement pump.

"I never thought it would work," he said. "The glass tube. The hand pump. The detailed instructions. And the promises. I shook my head.

"But it worked! I got rollilng. I pumped four times a week. Religously. Each session my swollen genitals got giant. The pic I sent you where I'm pushing three fingers into my cock's foreskin...That's my penultimate pump. I hope it inspires other pumpers." 

Rodney, thanks for sharing. You are a pumping sensation bro, and you can be we are inspired. Oh, one last tid bit. Anyone got a guess how much Rodney's testicles weigh? Hell, I can't keep a secret. Five pounds...and NO saline! Congrats, bro!

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MasterE's 15" Thick Vacuum Pumped Cock

Never in my life would I have believed it possible for a man to vacuum pump his penis 15" thick. Guys! No joke. That's fatter than a bull elephant's trunk. Go to a zoo and see for yourself!

But it's true. He's MasterE and he knows NO limits!

"Cock pumping is an artform," he said. "I take the dick that God gave me and I make it monstrously beautiful.

"I have no self restraint when it comes to vacuum pumping. Once I start, I go for it. I'm an extreme cock pumper. I'm not satisfied until I've transformed my dick into a whacked out sea cucumber and my balls into a giant tit-less udder. It's not for everyone."

MasterE, like all of us, started with the standard cock and ball tubes. He had great success, hitting gains that few others in the world of cock and ball bumping have been able to duplicate. But it wasn't enough. So he built his own pump - The Monster Tube.

"I was addicted to making my cock as large as possible," he recounts. "Each session I made it a personal goal to increase my gains by several inches. Standard tubes worked, but only to a certain point. Then I hit a wall.

"I went through my journal seeing if it was equipment related. I also reviewed my diet and my technique. I was perplexed. I hit a pumper forum and shared my anxiety. I asked for cock pump recommendations, but I had tried it all. There was nothing left to do but build my own."

The Monster Tube is his masterpiece. It's a cock pump with a 3.5" opening, is 12" long, and has a 22" diameter. It weighs in at two pounds. It's the very penis device that let him achieve 15" in girth! For ordinary guys, he developed the Monster Tube Jr. (2.75" opening, 12" long x 5" diameter).

"The MonsterTube is the only pump I use," he said. "It's allowed me to hit my personal bests in terms of penis girth and length. It's also worked miracles on my balls. I purposely made the diameter of the pump ridiculously huge to accomodate my giant testicles. It's my contribution to serious cock pumping."

MasterE, on behalf of all pumpers, we thank you!


Use a Giant Vacuum Pump for a Bigger Penis

Jeff R. from Casper, Wy, swears by his gargantuan vacuum penis pump. He started with a small tube one that quickly brought blood to his cock head. The enlargement rocked his world. But he felt like he was cheating his nuts 

"I was the big swinging dick for the longest time in my condo," Jeff says. "I'd walk around the pool in a towel, then drop it, and ask my bros what they thought of my manhood. Their jaws would drop.

"That was the reaction I was looking for. Until one day, a black pumper I had befriended asked me where my nutsack was. It never crossed my mind to pump up my sack. That's when I broke with tradition got a pump that gave all my private parts a good workout."

Jeff said hunting for the pump of his dreams was a quest. 

"I looked everywhere for a vacuum pump that would hold all my junk," he recalls. "I got an above average cock to start with, so finding one big enough to encase all of me was a challenge. Out of frustration, I made my own. It  worked like a charm after several sessions but the seals split and the suction went out." 

Jeff's not a quitter. He eventually found a cock pump that did the job (see picture). It's a massive device that creates perfect tension on his shaft and constricts blood flow at the base. 

"I've hit new enlargement heights with this device," he said. "I swear to ya after a great session my cock and balls are enormous. My dick's the size of a bat, and my nuts hit my knees. 

"Nowadays, when I pull the towel trick guys run for cover!"

Jeff, keep pumping that cock, bro, and send pics when everyone's running out of the pool area looking for cover.



Confessions of a Cock Pumping Junky

I use a vacuum constriction device (VCD) for effect (enlargement), not remedy (erectile dysfunction). I know guys who use it for both. But for me it's all penis pumping and the incredible heights that come with it.

I'm not alone. 32yo Jake P, Odessa, TX, feels the same way. I met Jake in a pumper chat room. Pumping pics and tips were swapped and we became fast buds. J's a pretty gregarious guy, so I asked him to summarize his pumping fetish...

"I'm an ordinary guy," Jake says. "I'm a single guy, work a 9-5, have a bulldog, and vote Republican. I'm not a wild and crazy guy by any stretch of the imagination. If there's one thing I'm extreme about, it's my cock

"It began in HS when my balls dropped. I just loved how my balls swung. I kept it to myself. Then a GF got a look and couldn't keep her mouth off of them. She praised them. Gave them names. They held her powerless. Put a spell on her. They were her fixation as much as mine.

"During college, I hooked up with a freak of a gal who also worshiped my ball sack. She got one pierced. She wanted to get her name tattooed on the left one. I put my foot down on that idea. So she bought me a metal cock ring. I never got the idea of rings until she dropped my nuts through one hole and my erect penis through another.

"This erection was like no other. My dick was raging. My balls sang. But the thing I most noticed was that my dick was big. Not just "hard-on" big or "excited" big. It was huge. Like a couple inches longer and definitely a couple inches thicker."

J said after that experience it was natural to jump to the pump.

"I started experimenting with all sorts of penis pumps," he recalled. "Then I locked in on three or four that gave me the largest penile gains. I'm not talking about a couple of inches, either. I've pumped my sack until it was bigger than a softball. My cock I've transformed into a freak squash.

"I love seeing myself large. Nothing boosts the ego more than having bull balls and a dick the size of an elephant trunk. It's so Alpha! I purposely buy new briefs specifically for a pumping session so I can bust the seams out. Then I strut about the entertainment room like a crazed baboon with my junk swinging heavily between my legs until I reach the scale and weight myself. The sensations of watching the needle swing to 13 pounds is better than sex!"

I'm with you J-Man! Catch you in the forums, bro.

Gents, J's promised to hook me up with his latest pumper pics. Like a good friend, I'm gonna post 'em!